Should websites remove their comment sections?

It certainly seems that comments are too often  long on anger and heat and short on light.  Any comments?

The widely-read science news site, Popular Science, recently decided to remove comment sections almost completely – save for a minority of articles. Online content director, Susan Labarre, explains: “Comments can be bad for science. That’s why… we’re shutting them off.” “It wasn’t a
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Should websites remove their comment sections?
Tauriq Moosa
Sat, 28 Sep 2013 23:27:04 GMT

2 responses to “Should websites remove their comment sections?

  1. Considering the vicious, uninformed, and off target nature of many comments, I can see the merit of removing comments.

  2. I’m disappointed by the position Popular Science is taking but I understand it. I enjoy taking a periodic look at comment sections to gauge reader reaction to something that has piqued my curiosity about certain subject matter, but it always feels like sort of a guilty pleasure……like eating a Hostess Twinkie. With regard to comment sections, even as a layperson about a lot of subjects above my head, I know when to “look away” and frankly it’s quite often and in surprising places.

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