Blogging Tools

I can think of about 3 or 4 things I’d really recommend to my fellow bloggers:

1. Google readers at:

This is a great way to follow other blogs and interesting sites on the net in a small amount of time. New entries in a blog are presented in lists of the titles that can be for many blog with entries in chronological order, or you can drill down to just one site or blog. You can toggle between reading the whole articles or reading just the titles. Using firefox and greasemonkey, you can tailor the look and feel with add-on scripts as well.

This where I read the post that inspired my pevious post here:


2. Live Writer:

WordPress is a pretty powerful platform, even just using the free version as I do. But especially writing in the free version is kind of hard. Your text is embedded in a lot of distraction and doesn’t look it like it does when you post.

Live writer gives more of a what you see is what get feel. It also makes it easier to add videos, pictures and links.


I find it easier to format my text as well. I suspect most of what I do with it can be done without it, but I think it’s easier.

3. Feed Demon:

This one isn’t on a plane with the other two. It kind of repackages Google reader results. However, it does make it easier to go from Reader to Live Writer, and you may prefer its format to Google reader alone.



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