I’ll Have a Side of Hypocrisy

Most right wingers (all?) favor gun rights.  The second amendment is likely to only amendment in the bill of rights they actually know at least part of the text of.

Among others reasons is that they object to law abiding gun owners being lumped in with gun toting outlaws.  Fair enough.

The trouble is these same people will agree with this:


Whose ‘them’?  But we all know don’t we?  Muslims of course.  Not so much individual persons who choose to call themselves Muslims, no an undifferentiated mass like mold. 

Except that’s totally wrong.  Muslims are divided into Shiites, Sunnis and others.  Some have been terrorists, but most Muslims just want to live their lives, maybe by coming to the US.

Claiming that Muslims are dangerous is just like the nation’s fear about Jews and Catholic in early 20th century.  My grandparents were afraid of Catholics.  In time they met a Catholic family from Belgium, and found Their  fears were groundless.  Since then a Catholic has been President, and I married a Catholic and we will have our 30th anniversary soon.  Of course some Catholics were terrorists in the IRA.  The point is people are not all the most negative stereotype, even when there’s some truth to it.

If you recognize this for gun owners, you need to recognize it for Muslims.


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