Defender in Chief?

I agree with little of this, though I think they present their beliefs pretty clearly. They basically think the executive branch is the President more less – there’s no independent FBI or Justice Department, and if they are they’re unaccountable and unconstitutional. They see the check on the President is 90% the elections, and rarely impeachment.
This seems to me to allow for an unaccountable executive in the intervening 4 years. It also ignore that the legislative branch is supposed to be active via legislation, but more and more that branch seems nothing but deadlocked and ineffective. We have a President who’s gone so far as to say he might eliminate birthright citizenship by executive order, even though it is in the 14th amendment. Also, they undercut their own argument by admitting the electoral college is not a fully democratic process.
They think impeachment should have a high threshold, but should it be so high that no President has been impeached AND removed from office in almost 250 year – even a President who used a taxpayer financed bribe to buy dirt on his opponent!
Beyond that what about transparency? For the last 50 years or so, Presidents have revealed their tax returns. But not Mr. Trump. I don’t think there’s even close to constitutional requirement that he do so, but I think it makes for more open and transparent government.
In short, I certainly agree Mr. Trump has fought for executive power, but I don’t think it’s to the benefit of our constitutional republic.

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