What do we do in a Second Trump Term?

Trump looks likely to win another term.  His poll numbers are up following being acquitted – he’s riding high like OJ!

The Trump presidency has been awful.  What other president in your memory called to imprison his political opponent – remember ‘Lock her up’.  He’s actually shrank national monuments.  He seems indifferent to racist murders.  He locks up children in cages for the crime of coming to the US looking looking for a better life.  He does his best to kill better access to medical care, and only offers vague ideas on a replacement.  He muses over punishing those who oppose him:  remember ‘opening up’ libel laws.  He wants to bring torture back-despite no evidence that it is better than alternatives. 

But for me personally do I have anything to lose and what can I do about it?

Much of what he does pains me, but I’m safe from much of the worst that is to come.  I’m a white male, so the racism and sexism isn’t directly aimed at me.  My healthcare is not under Obamacare, so I’m good there. 

On the other hand, I do like national parks.  Their future is uncertain at best with a real estate developer in the White House.  Trump has hair-trigger temper and could get us into a war-especially after he is no longer worried about re-election.  If the draft were to come back in some misguided paranoid war against Iran, more child could end up called up. 

Perhaps the most immediate Risk, is more government spying.  Trump is pretty paranoid, and I can see him doubling up on policing to track down illegals.  This could translate into more government spying.  While few of us are the object of this paranoia, we will be subject to scrutiny.

This could grow out of Mr. Trump’s obsession with finding his enemies and those who are disloyal.  Admittedly, I and most of us are too obscure to be of interest.  None the less again we may be caught in the net.  Also, the desire to seek out the disloyal may come down from the  top to lower levels, especially if you’re a government employee.

So what do we do?  I’d suggest looking into a VPN.  These can help keep your online activity more private.  You can search for providers online.

Another risk, is crackdowns based on ethnicity.  If your Muslim especially you’re at obvious risk.  From another angle consider the corna virus.  If the virus truly becomes an epidemic, it could kick in all the Trump’s xenophobia, and germ phobia.  If you have family in Asia it may become hard to visit them. 

Maybe this is far fetched, but could at least Asians with regular contacts with family in a nation impacted by the virus be subject to a quarantine.  It doesn’t seem likely, but a lot of unlikely things happened in the first Trump term, and after re-election he’ll be more off the rails.

What to do?  I’d suggest everyone really should have a passport.


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