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My Niece

Both daughter and niece are incredibly creative and artistic.  I’m not, but let share from niece’s blog:


My Other Blog is …

About movies and entertainment.

Given my small readership this may seem a little audacious.  But I blog mostly for myself anyway, and I wanted a place for entertainment oriented material than I would see as the focus of this blog.  Also, I wanted to experiment with bloggers as a platform (no I don’t think I’ll leave wordpress).  At blogger you can edit your templates without paying for an upgrade.  If that seems worth it, I might pay for the upgrade here.

You’ll find the new blog at:

Come visit. Not a lot to see yet though.

Check Out This Perspective

My Niece has created a new blog. Check it out. she’s very creative.

I hope I can talk my daughter to do the same thing.