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Ted Nugent

So Ted Nugent called President Obama a chimp in essence.

Then he “apologizes”  and uses softer words to show the same contempt, but with less apparent racism.

We love forcing apologies by pressure and shaming.

What is the point of that?  I tend to think Mr. Nugent’s first comments pretty well demonstrated where his head at.  Why demand that he lie and then think we should feel better?  He’s a bigot, and why not let him be open about that.

Making him conform to social standards that he doesn’t accept is the same as forcing gays to hide who they are.


How to react to a clumsy, but scary fake??

This either will make you laugh, fly into a rage or cry.  The photo is supposed to provoke “A how dare those illegal immigrants demand anything of us” moment.  Trouble is it reeks of fakeness, as does the whole site.

Mex Sign

First the sentiment is so over the top, that it is hard to believe anyone advocating for illegals would use such a sign to engender support for their cause.  Isn’t that obvious?  If you’re going to fake something make it plausible.  This isn’t.

Second, there are ample reasons to suspect a photographic fake.  Why are all these US flags in the background?  How does that jive with this sign?  Note the top part of the sign is wider than the bottom, and the color of the posterboard seems to not be consistent.  All in all at least the top of sign has been photoshopped in.

The bottom is pretty disturbing as well, and I’m more inclined to think it is real.    I think you could read its as an assertion of second amendment rights, as many are fond of doing these days.   If you look at other photos on the site you see a lot of other photos that are more obvious fakes, such as Al Gore with horns etc.  (Be warned much of the material there is pretty offensive.)  So the author is fond of doctored photos. At least the top is fake to rile up the maximum right wing ire.

It seems outrageous that someone feels such a need to stir the pot against people who do dirty, hard, thankless and low paying jobs for him.  Maybe he wants to clean his own restrooms, but I doubt it.

All in all you can laugh at this for its clumsiness, become angry at its lies, or cry that someone would feel the need to stoke even more xenophobia.