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Symbols over Substance is a bad idea

From Scott Erb:

Tea-party backed Governor Paul Le Page has sure grabbed headlines since taking office.   He recently made the Colbert Report and Daily Show (not his first mentions on either) for the removal of a “pro-labor” mural from the Department of Labor.  “Where are the bosses?”  he asked, claiming that “both sides” should be honored by a mural.   When told there may be protesters he said he’d “laugh at the idiots.”    Now it appears Maine might have to repay $60,000 of federal funds used for the mural if it isn’t displayed; is this the best way to spend Maine’s tax dollars?

It seems like this also illustrates making a symbolic issue a major bone of contention while real substantial issues are not dealt with.

A good pol makes concession on symbols to achieve substance. This seems like stirring up a controversy for sake of controversy and maybe ultimately losing on substance.