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Can a Tragedy be left to be a Tragedy?

A sad day once again.  There have been so many.  Columbine high,the Ft. Hood shooter, the killing of Dr. George Tiller, 9/11 and too many to remember.  That itself says a lot.

Each one now often almost immediately becomes a political football.  Bloggers scramble to find the proof of affiliation of the killer with their opponents.  Then use it attack their opposition and to use a phrase from the post civil war era:  "Wave the Bloody Shirt”.

Today we’re certainly seeing that.  I’ve been reading comments at Politico.  It seems like the push and pull is:  “he read Mein Kampf and sounds like he was motivated by the Tea Party” vs “he read the Communist Manifesto and was a lefty”  The major media is no different.

It’s all unseemly.  Can’t we maintain at least for a day a respectful silence for the victims?  Can’t we determine fault and who did what later, when claims can be based on facts not a swirl of not al all vetted rumors?  Can’t we recognize that people with this kind of troubled mind are likely going to find a movement to affiliate with and lash out in the name of:  Whether its of the right or left is irrelevant?  No we can’t and we won’t.

A sad day once again.


Juan Williams

I can’t help but think that the presence of someone like Juan Williams on NPR and Fox was a good thing. It allowed for some cross fertilization between conservative and liberal news outlets.

I think Juan’s presence was at least originally supposed to give some credibility to Fox’s claim of being fair and balanced, and at least early on I think he did that. Fox seems to me to be moving to be more explicitly a conservative network. Hannity and Combs is now just just Hannity after all. I admit in some recent occasions, he seems to have picked up the Fox style, especially in filling in for O’reilly, and I think he may have been planning to jump to Fox. Economically, it appears he will be better off for having been fired. Maybe he planned this incident, or something like it.

So I thought Juan’s presence on both networks might help provide some balance to both networks. But maybe the time for him to that was gone even if he had stayed. Still I think it was mistake that he was fired.