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I assume we are supposed to draw our own conclusions on Redistribution

I support extensive programs to  supplement low incomes.  I generally don’t support vindictive attitudes toward those who make a lot.  This has an interesting perspective I mostly agree with (my bolding below).

I just watched this video on how much different people earn in a minute (including a minimum wage worker, a median worker, a teacher, a physician, Rex Tillerson and Kobe Bryant).  There is no conclusion drawn in the video so I assume the creator, Bart Edlund, is presenting a set of facts from which the viewer is free to draw this or her own conclusion.  So here’s my conclusion:

Markets reward people differently. Some people make a lot of money.  Some people make a little.  Some people think those who make a lot make too much.  Many people think those who make a little don’t make enough.  Some people think that Rex Tillerson is evil incarnate.  Some people would say that the income disparity depicted in the video is unfair. I don’t know how to define unfair. So I choose to dismiss fairness as a singular criterion for decision making. Although it must always be considered.And the government can help.  Or not.  I don’t begrudge someone being paid what others are willing to pay.  And I don’t advocate for taxing those who make ‘a lot’ based solely on the argument that they make ‘too much.’ I believe everyone should pay their ‘fair share.’ But I have no idea how to define a ‘fair share.’  I conclude that market based wages are the worst system for determining how much someone should make–except for any other system.  I know that is not an original thought.

I assume we are supposed to draw our own conclusions
Tim Haab
Fri, 05 Apr 2013 14:37:21 GMT