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Does the Election Matter?

I often hear folks say:  “don’t vote, nothing changes.’  If not these exact word, something close.

The constitution with three branches of federal power, separate states; and limits on the power of all of them produces that perception I think.  The system is not well designed to enable radical change.  It is inherently conservative:  that is it aims for change to be dampened and not quick usually.

One election doesn’t have a huge consequence for our daily lives.  It takes a series of elections to have any effect.  Republicans have elected Reagan and Bush:  both pro-life.  Despite that abortion remains under pressure to be prohibited, but has not been in the 40 years since Roe V. Wade.  While that change (Roe V. Wade) seemed pretty fast it really came from maybe a 15 year period process on the issue, as many state made choice legal.

My point is that one election doesn’t have an effect, and that stability is likely a good thing.  Overtime though elections do have consequences, some more than others.  I urge everyone to make a considered vote.