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Breitbart: the New Elvis Presley?

On the subject of Breitbart, I have a comment on an image regarding him I see on the web often:

Does Does anyone else think it seems like a kind of creepy religious icon, and is Breitbart being deified partially because of his untimely dealth?  Like a new Elvis Presely?  I think the image above evokes something like this of Jesus below:

The treatment of Breitbart’s  hair seems to me to evoke the crown of thorns.

The slogan Breitbart is Here seems quite creepy too.  Pretty clearly Breitbart isn’t here, unless you think he has supernatural powers.  Is he watching us all RIGHT NOW?


Sex on the Moon

This is an amazing story.

A new book tells the story of a fellow who stole moon rocks.

Why?  To impress a women he’d known for less than 3 months, to spread them on a bed and have sex with her:  to have sex on the moon.  (They actually did this!)

He subsequently attempts to sell them over the internet, and hooks up (not like that) with a fellow who never leaves Antwerp Belgium but call the FBI about the offer.

The FBI nabs him and though he expected much less, he went to jail for 7 years for this.

I haven’t read the book, but will.  This was all described on the Bob Edwards show tonight.