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Should websites remove their comment sections?

It certainly seems that comments are too often  long on anger and heat and short on light.  Any comments?

The widely-read science news site, Popular Science, recently decided to remove comment sections almost completely – save for a minority of articles. Online content director, Susan Labarre, explains: “Comments can be bad for science. That’s why… we’re shutting them off.” “It wasn’t a
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Should websites remove their comment sections?
Tauriq Moosa
Sat, 28 Sep 2013 23:27:04 GMT


Enjoy Shared items while you can

I just pushed Google reader again a few posts below.  One thing I like is sharing items from reader (that allows me to kinda’ follow over 100 blogs) is sharing items I like, much more than I post on.  This has been in the middle of my blog on the left for some time.  I ‘m not sure if anyone ever sees it, as I’ve never had a comment related to them.  Unfortunately, I understand that Google may be taking this ability (to share items from reader) away.  So play it up while I can, I’ve moved the share items to the top left to see if folks notice them more.  I hope some one enjoys them.

Check Out This Perspective

My Niece has created a new blog. Check it out. she’s very creative.

I hope I can talk my daughter to do the same thing.

Singing Mt. Rushmore /WordPress Upgrades

From looking at the upgrades, I thought one had to upgrade to have videos on WordPress. I’m clearly wrong. I think the key is that I can embed youtube video, but not upload a video to WordPress without the upgrade.

Strange Spam Comment

Well this was flagged as spam, but it is really strange. What’s being pushed? It also had nothing to do with Democrats running away from their own accomplishments.

I hope the commenter is doing OK with that heart attack he was searching for first aid for.

Hi there, I found your blog via Google while searching for first aid for a heart attack and your post
looks very interesting for me.

blogs should be on point?

Various blogs I read periodically offer “advice” to “serious” bloggers (the one who have delusions of riches). And they all start with “pick a subject, and write about that subject, all the time.” Is it just me or is that really terrible advice? Blogs about specific subjects get tiring really quickly and I only stay subscribed to them for a couple months. But my favorites are really varied, even if the posts superficially relate back to a common theme. Marginal Revolution, NYT Opinion (ok that’s not a blog, but same principle…), Freakonomics, Penelope Trunk, and Steven Landsburg are probably my favorites right now (and have been for ages and ages) and they all fall in that category.

I think people’s interests are usually correlated well enough that some variety will attract more people than it bores.



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