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Music Monday: Bonnie Raitt-I can’t make you love me

Music Mondays: The Black Eyed Peas–Pump It Harder

Music Mondays: Guster–Satellite

Music Monday: The Pretenders – I should have

Love neglected

If you’re in a relatonship, then don’t take it for granted.

Music Monday: The Boss–Tougher than the Rest

Music Mondays: Death Cab for Cutie – License and Registration

It’s been commented that Squidward listens to Death Cab for Cutie

Music Monday: Gomez–How We Operate

Music Monday: I will Posses Your Heart

Good clean sound is easier to find with more recent music. Nice visuals here too.

Music Mondays: Our Lips are Sealed

Music Mondays–My Baby–The Pretenders