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Ron Paul speaks the truth, and hopefully the other candidates mostly are lying

If only he didn’t seem like such a voice crying in the wilderness.  This is from 2008, and wasn’t popular with many Republicans.  But the fact that something is uncomfortable to hear or not popular doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

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As for most other Republican candidates?  The only way I could be comfortable with them  is if I think they (wink) don’t really mean what they say.  That they nonetheless grasp the truth of Paul is the only one willing to say.

Most seem to be suggesting that they are not hesitant to commit troops to war on Iran, perhaps within a year of finally getting out or Iraq, after 9 years.  Even when the rational being suggested to go to war again sound much like those of 9 years ago that proved so bogus.  My only hope is this mostly talk.

At its best talk to not encourage a foe to assume we are weak.  At its worst talk for political reasons.


Political quiz time again: Where do you fit?

Bainbridge finds out he’s a stauch conservative and I tested my self with the same tool.

In contrast to Bainbridge I came out as "Post Modern", but does that fit?  It means (according to Pew) the following with my comments:

Generally supportive of government, though more conservative on race policies and the safety net (Mostly fits, though I favor comphrensive health entitlement, but it has to be tailored to what we can afford with taxes not at European levels)

Strongly supportive of regulation and environmental protection (I favor protecting the environment, but using incentives)

Most (56%) say Wall Street helps the economy more than it hurts (Yes)

Very liberal on social issues, including same-sex marriage (I’m pro-life, generally libertarian on these matters)

One of the least religious groups: nearly a third are unaffiliated with any religious tradition

Favor the use of diplomacy rather than force (A strong military is needed, but why do we still have a military like during the second and cold war when those foes are gone)

Here’s the Bainbridge post.  I like Mythbusters like he does, and don’t own any guns, and attend Mass regularly.  My results are here. 

via Political quiz time again: Where do you fit?.

According to the Pew political quiz Where Do You Fit? (HT: Yin), I’m a "staunch conservative," which supposedly means that:

  • Extremely critical of the federal government — More often than not
  • Favor an assertive foreign policy — I do? Not so much. See, e.g., Libya and Iraq, both of which I opposed.
  • Pro-business; against stricter environmental laws and regulations — Certainly I’m against ecomentalist laws that cost more than they produce in benefits
  • Strongly opposed to abortion and same-sex marriage — Yes on the former and no on the latter
  • Convinced the 2010 health care law will be bad for the country — Damn straight
  • View immigrants as a threat to traditional American customs and values — Not me. I’m more or less Mr. Open Borders, despite what certain people would have you believe
  • Nearly half believe President Obama born outside the United States — I don’t doubt that he was born in the USA. I just think his parents were illegal space aliens.
Who They Are
  • 84% are Republicans — Well, I’m certainly not a Democrat, but folks like Patterico, Dan Riehl, and Hugh Hewitt think I’m a RINO (at best).
  • 72% agree with the Tea Party — About what? Cutting the deficit? Yes. Populism? No.
  • More than nine-in-ten are non-Hispanic white — Got me
  • The oldest typology group (61% are age 50 and older) — Sadly, yes
  • 56% are male; most are married and financially comfortable — yes, yes, and yes
  • 57% own guns and 57% attend church every week — Gawd no as to the former (nasty dangerous things) and yes as to the latter (sometimes twice)
  • 54% regularly watch Fox News — Nope. I do, however, watch NFL Network, Chuck, and How I Met Your Mother. Also High Stakes Poker, Mythbusters, and Good Eats. Also Bones. Plus Seinfeld and Friends reruns. News I get from the WSJ and the internet.
  • More watch Glenn Beck and listen to Rush Limbaugh than any other group — Nope. I listen to the NFL and E Street channels on my Sirius XM radios. Also Classic Vinyl, Bluesville, Blue Collar Comedy, and the 80s channel. (And sometimes I drop in to see what Howard Stern’s up to. But don’t tell anybody. It’s a very guilty pleasure.)

Too late to Kill Birtherism

It seems to me that this (releasing the Long Birth Certificate) should have done early on, or not at all.

An early release I think might have quelled this pointless discussion before it got so much momentum. I emphasize “might”.

Doing it now just makes Trump look powerful. I think the true hard core birthers will still not be convinced, or they’ll just turn their attention to some other issue like his college years, or both. The web has more wacky ideas about his origins that you can imagine. I think it lacks the seal of the state or so I’ve heard.

Maybe it is a make the Republicans look nuts scheme, but I don’t know.

Ahem, a lot of the spending cuts are frauds AND at what cost

A lot of what got “cut” was money that was budgeted, but likely wouldn’t get spent.  This at a cost of delayed decision on many federal items as the uncertainty of the last few weeks precluded entering into contracts and the like.  That is we didn’t in theory have a shutdown, but a costly slow-down.


Marginal Revolution

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Symbols over Substance is a bad idea

From Scott Erb:

Tea-party backed Governor Paul Le Page has sure grabbed headlines since taking office.   He recently made the Colbert Report and Daily Show (not his first mentions on either) for the removal of a “pro-labor” mural from the Department of Labor.  “Where are the bosses?”  he asked, claiming that “both sides” should be honored by a mural.   When told there may be protesters he said he’d “laugh at the idiots.”    Now it appears Maine might have to repay $60,000 of federal funds used for the mural if it isn’t displayed; is this the best way to spend Maine’s tax dollars?

It seems like this also illustrates making a symbolic issue a major bone of contention while real substantial issues are not dealt with.

A good pol makes concession on symbols to achieve substance. This seems like stirring up a controversy for sake of controversy and maybe ultimately losing on substance.

How Michele Bachmann Could Win | The New Republic

I’ve gone pretty wobbly on Obama, but the Republican are likely to nominate someone who’s push me back from coming home.


How Michele Bachmann Could Win | The New Republic.

Republicans and Environmental Progress

Economist’s View

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