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Nothing to Tweet About


The outlook for Twitter is blah;

Is it having its final hurrah?

They’re losing morale

With a growth rationale

That is premised on je ne sais quoi.

The secret to growing more revenue

Is something the company never knew,

But it’s more of a feat

Getting newbies to tweet

Than skeptical analysts ever knew. 


Twitter (NASDAQ: $TWTR) held its first earnings call as a public company, and investor reaction showed just how high the expectations are for this company. Although quarterly revenues of $243 million exceeded the $218 million consensus forecast, participants in the call were spooked at how few new users had signed up to send their first tweets. The 241 million users in December were only 4% more than those in the previous quarter. Apparently, the new-user experience is not as friendly as it ought to be. 

This perhaps explains the lackluster growth in the number of followers for @DrGooseEcon?

Nothing to Tweet About
Dr. Goose
Thu, 06 Feb 2014 12:55:00 GMT