Daily Archives: 01/30/2014

Obamacare Light

It seems the GOP finally has an Obamacare alternative.  That’s good I think, though it sounds like it does a poor job of expanding access relative Affordable Care Act of 2010.

I can’t help but think the impact will be further splinter Republicans.  I think many of the critics of Obamacare start with this chain of reasoning:

1. The US is God’s gift to the world

2. Nothing God makes if flawed

3. So the US is not flawed, or at least wasn’t before being corrupted by those Democrats

4. The US healthcare system is or was part of that unflawed whole, and is not flawed.

5. You can’t improve on God’s work, the US or its healthcare system.

6. Any attempt, like Obamacare, alternatives to it, or certainly more far reaching change, is blasphemy

Given this state of mind, how can an alternative Obamacare be anything other than the works of RINOs.

I think the party maybe split by this.

From the Daily Dish