The ‘War’ on Christmas Is No Such Thing

The War on Christmas isn’t in fact a war on the holiday, but it is the secularization of what to many of us is a religious holiday. For better or worse that is a real thing, but Christians brought this on themselves.

The theocratic conservatives who complain of the war on Christmas had no compunction about using the holiday as a way to juice their bottom lines by encouraging the purchase of present and gifts by one and all, including the non-believers. Now the fruits of these efforts have come home to roost as non-believer participate and the holiday becomes inevitably less religious in tone. If you don’t want a secularized Christmas, then don’t use your sacred holiday to hock merchandise.

The whole war on Christmas outcry would have some weight if Christian merchants were to plead with the non-believers to not patronize their shops to purchase presents as part of a secular holiday. I’m not holding my breath for this to happen however.

Don’t invite non-believers into your holiday, and then condemn them for being there.


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