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Gene Weingarten, One Day – 12.28.86


Where were you on December 28, 1986? Did anything interesting happen to you that day? Check your diaries and scrapbooks, and contact Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten. If your story passes muster, it might make it into a book he’s writing about the notable events of that day.

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Gene Weingarten, One Day – 12.28.86
Bob Edwards Show
Fri, 29 Mar 2013 14:20:42 GMT


2014 Midterm Prediction

Everyone sees the GOP as vanquished from the last election, but they did pretty well just two years ago. With the 2014 election, we’ll again see an electorate older and whiter (mid-term turnouts are smaller) and if guns become an issue like healthcare did in 2010, I think we’ll see the GOP make gains. Midterms in the second term are usually bad for the party in the Whitehouse anyway.