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The Future of Free-Market Healthcare

via RealClearPolitics – Homepage by Holtz-Eakin & Roy, Reuters on 2/21/13

Holtz-Eakin & Roy, Reuters
Over nearly a century, progressives have pressed for a national, single-payer healthcare system. When it comes to health reform, what have conservatives stood for?For far too long, conservatives have failed to coalesce around a long-term vision of what a free-market healthcare system should look like. Republican attention to healthcare, in turn, has only arisen sporadically, in response to Democratic initiatives.Obamacare is the logical byproduct of this conservative policy neglect. President Barack Obama’s re-election was a strategic victory for his signature healthcare law. Once…

Music Monday: The Pretenders – I should have

Love neglected

If you’re in a relatonship, then don’t take it for granted.