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Krugman on the minimum wage


I am always happy to link to interesting new arguments which have not been considered on this blog before:

…the usual notion that minimum wages and the Earned Income Tax Credit are competing ways to help low-wage workers is wrong. On the contrary, raising the minimum wage is a way to make the EITC work better, ensuring that its benefits go to workers rather than getting shared with employers. This actually is Econ 101, but done right: given a second-best world in which you use imperfect tools to help deserving workers, two tools together can produce a better outcome than either one on its own.

He is drawing from this Rortybomb post.  For other, different arguments, here is Angus and here is David Henderson.

Krugman on the minimum wage
Tyler Cowen
Sat, 16 Feb 2013 20:34:35 GMT


Obama has a mandate — to not be as nutty as his opponents.

World in Motion


‎”With a convincing re-election under his belt, it is more difficult to paint President Obama as illegitimate, but the unhinged, hate-fueled impulse still exists. The Birthers may have been finally sidelined from decent conversation, but the essential disrespect and near-dehumanization of this president keeps bubbling up. History will be harsh in its judgment against these peddlers of conspiracy theories – they won’t be seen as the patriots they imagine but as crackpot reactionaries who ended up hurting the credibility of their fellow conservatives.” – John Avlon, Daily Beast

Avlon was writing about the latest conspiracy theory: a claim that Obama hates guns and thus would never shoot skeet.  But he raises a larger point: the anti-Obama venom of the far right has been over the top and bordering on the bizarre.   That harms the Republican party and those conservatives who decry and condemn such wild accusations.  The left didn’t…

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