The Value of Life


28.  Twenty-eight, lives cut short in a few minutes.  Twenty cut well short. Mourn them but try not to forget all the others.

Shooting like this are hardly unique in 2012:  the aurora theater Seventy-one dead; the Sikh Temple Shooting resulted in ten deaths; a spa shooting resulted in five deaths; a university shooting resulted in ten dead in Oakland; in a Seattle café seven died in a shooting; at Accent Signage 7 died.  That is just 2012.  For dreary listing of mass killing go here in Mother Jones.

Soldiers fight and struggle to stay alive, and some lose. In Egypt thousand are poised to struggle with one another over how to hang on to a fledgling democracy. Syria is wracked by waves of violence.

Many may lose their lives.

In the US we are fortunate, and we tend to forget that tragedy is a much more everyday occurrence in many places.


But death come in many more forms.  Babies are born and struggle for life, and some lose.   Birth is an awesome thing.  It is wonderful, but also fearful.

Everyday over one-hundred-thousand people die from a variety of causes. Most are routine, and some are a blessing.    But I think most are missed, and mourned.  Most of us though go largely unaffected by those deaths, and not even focused on the vastness of mortality.  In the end though none of use get out alive.  We should try to remember as best we can that many are touched and hurt by death everyday, even as mourn such publicized cases as the Sandy Hook school.

Does this mean that I am gloomy and morose?


No.  In the mean time life is wondrous never forget that. 

Our lives go on for now, and if we are wise we try to cultivate connections leave bits of our selves that may transcend our ends when they come.   The life we have on this planet, the Bible tells us is precious, and for now at least there is nothing to tell us otherwise.


It’s Christmas time.  This can be a time of stress:  some dread it.  I think the best way is to look at it as a time to focus on the value you place on others, and look for ways to show that fact.  As you pick out gifts:  its not that you give them things; its that you show you now your loved ones likes and dislikes; that you care about those likes and dislikes.  Make good memories; and leave some of them as blog posts; photos; stories that will be told of you; and carry on.  Think of it as a blessing to have folks to care about and purchase gifts for.


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