Most Important Picture of the Day Ever!

If Daniel Craig has fewer girls that must explain why he drinks more. He seems like a sadder Bond than those past.

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Most Important Picture of the Day Ever!

via The Oregon Economics Blog by Patrick Emerson on 10/18/12


From The Economist. Pierce Brosnan the most deadly, but Daniel Craig the most bedrunken. Sadly Craig has less time for the ladies – but maybe Skyfall will correct this. Dalton, who we must all agree was the worst of them all, shows the magnitude of his impotence. Interestingly, Connery, whom I associate with the era of hard drinks and cocktails was practically a teetotaler. I refuse to slag off Roger Moore whom I grew up with as Bond, even though many would.

Okay, extra credit: put these in chronological order and correlate them with some economic stat and call it the bond index. Trust me, it will be pure gold. I am too busy lazy to do it.

Things you can do from here:


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