Maybe we could all try stop making people change their deepest convictions with threats and intimidation. A good place to start would be by not using threats of government power to force Chik-Fil-A to say they believe in Gay Marriage, even if we support gay marriage.

If we force Chik-Fil-A to a conversion of Gay Marriage (an insincere conversion), how is that different than forced conversions to Islam or Christianity at the point of sword as has occured over time. Do these forced conversion show the moral superiority of anything? Why do we do this?

If you’re going to convert someone to a belief you can’t do it by force, and even if you can you shouldn’t. Isn’t that obvious???


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  1. Because of his position, a CEO shouldn’t have said what he did. He can believe it, but to say it publicly is a no-no. On the other hand, government officials (primarily city) who are using the faux pax to threaten to or actually block permits/licenses is flat out wrong.

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