Daily Scoop: McConnell states health care access for uninsured “Not the Issue” [video]

I think the affordable care act has a number drawbacks, not the least is:  cost and substantial increases in taxes on earned income.  The impact of the economy is unknown.

That said it has a major advantage:  it got passed!  It raises a real policy problem to the forefront, rather than let the issue languish while more short-run concerns with economy dominate the national agenda. I hope that perhaps with a second Obama term and continued Republican control of the House; maybe we can actually get our legislature to attempt to solve a public policy problem, by improving on the foundation that President Obama got in place.  I think in giving health the priority it deserves, the Presidents deserves praise; and the SCOTUS as well for leaving this start on addressing the start on addressing this major issue in place.

If Obama loses and we have GOP control of the executive and legislative branches of government; I fear we’ll lose that important start.  Thanks to Mashed Potato Bulletin we see that there doesn’t seem to be much behind talk of Repeal and Replace.

The health care reform debate continues even after the Supreme Court ruled on its constitutionality. Republicans have stood firm on their vow to ”Repeal & Replace” yet their problems begin when asked about the replace portion of that promise. Both Mitt Romney and Republican leadership have touted “common sense“, step by step reforms. They promise to implement interstate commerce of insurance, keep insurers from denying coverage, allow young people on their parents’ insurance, implement industry cost-saving measures. The interesting part of these common sense reforms is that they are already in the Affordable Care Act. Where does common sense enter into a plan which involves eliminating a plan then re-implementing virtually the same plan, just slower?

Beyond this it appears Mitch McConnell may have provided Democrats another campaign gift when pressed by Fox News’ Chris Wallace to explain what the Republican plan was for improving access to care for 30 million uninsured Americans should a repeal prove successful.

Watch the video to see how the Senate Minority Leader handled the question.

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Daily Scoop: McConnell states health care access for uninsured “Not the Issue”
Mashed Potato Bulletin
Sun, 01 Jul 2012 20:31:16 GMT


One response to “Daily Scoop: McConnell states health care access for uninsured “Not the Issue” [video]

  1. Improving it doesn’t seem to be a GOP … only repealing it and returning to the way life was. Personally, I find that sad. The AFA is far from perfect, but it is a starting point.

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