Face Of The Day – The Dish | By Andrew Sullivan – The Daily Beast


Face Of The Day – The Dish | By Andrew Sullivan – The Daily Beast.

Am I the only one who wonders: why does President Obama provide so many bad photos ops of himself? Like this one, he doesn’t seem to be looking at the gift he’s received or with a look of gratitude at the young fellow who handed it to him.

Instead, he looks like he thinks: ‘I am so cool’. I’d say this is not necessarily unusual either. How many times do you see photos of Barack on hostile website, always with his chin out Mussolini style, the claim he’s a fascist I suppose. Some of that is selection of photos by his enemies, but the Air Force one shot was from the Daily Dish, a very Obama friendly site.

I don’t think the President is a jerk at all, and I’d think he smarter to know better than this even if he was a jerk. Then why can’t he manage his face for pictures better? This mystifies me.

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