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All this criticism from the Republican Party around the “politicization” of the bin Laden mission is rather interesting. It sounds like Romney, and the Republican Party in general, do not want to be reminded of their long-term inability to attend to the terrorist leader. With Obama touting the successful mission, it places their inadequacies upon the public stage for all to see.

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  1. Repeating my comments on this post.

    President Obama should taut his success. On the other hand, saying Mitt Romney wouldn’t have done that is a stretch because we don’t know, so personally, I wish that aspect would have been untouched. As for the GOP, if they were only smart enough to say, “Well done Mr. President, now what about the economy?” … but oh no … they want to cry foul, cheap shot, and whatever else.

  2. Perhaps the funny thing is that my biggest single reason for not supporting Romney is that I’m afraid he’ll mirror the GOP’s current recklessness on foreign policy. That is I’m afraid he’ll have the same shoot first and try to clean up the mess afterward mentalisty the Bush administration had, especially in the first term. In suggesting Romney wouldn’t have taken bold action against BinLaden, the Democrats are suggesting Romney’s too cautious. I don’t think that’s the problem with Romney, or maybe more so the Republican party in general.

    Since 9/11, the GOP seems in some ways like it has felt a need to overcompensate. The attack happened on our watch so now we’ll be so bad-ass that nobody will question our manhood.

    Obama should focus on showing that he’s level headed, calm, and not easily provoked into doing something foolish, not that he’s less risk averse than Romney. He ought to play up the reckless rhetoric that was tossed around in the primary, even if much of it was by Romney. It would contrast him favorably with the GOP in general.

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