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Buying your way out of waiting your turn – Markets in everything – internalizing expenses due to misconduct as the cost of doing business


Such trends are not confined to high-finance and business, but pervasive in modern-day lives. Old-fashioned virtues of equality (of people standing in a que to access a service) have given way to opportunity-cost driven conventions (rich people pay to access the service out of turn). The implications of this gradual shift have been far-reaching and is surely a major contributor to the widespread widening of inequality across societies. It is obvious that there is a slippery slope associated with these trends. Traditional mores slowly get replaced with market-based morality, with all its attendant consequences.


Innovation: "Most Innovations in Most Fields Are Not Patented."

It seems like Patents are becoming an inhibition to innovation.  The goal is to use them as a weapon against competition based on excellence and innovation:  what capitalism should be all about.

AEI held a session on patents and patent reform building off Launching the Innovation Renaissance. Alex Tabarrok was one of the speakers, taking for his title “Most Innovations in Most Fields Are Not Patented.” You can listen to a YouTube of part of his talk and see some related YouTubes at the end. His title says it all link here and link here. The entire conference is to be posted here

Innovation: “Most Innovations in Most Fields Are Not Patented.”
John Bennett
Sat, 17 Mar 2012 20:28:25 GMT