How we get to computer driven cars

A lot of good could come from this, but it also could be the end of a lot of jobs for those without a lot of specialized skills:  truck drivers.

I think a big part of why people struggle to imagine a world where cars drive themselves is they believe too few people will want it, at least in this country. There needs to be a minimum number of customers to support both the technology and the political will to pass laws allowing something that many will instinctively feel is dangerous. So how do we get from here to there? Garrett Jones proposes one way that I think is persuasive:

A thin edge of the wedge for Google Cars: an alternative to driver’s licenses for some of the elderly. Voter demand meets tech solution.

If there is one group is this country with the money, the demand,  and the political influence to get us driverless cars it is the elderly. Another constituency will be the disabled, as illustrated in the following video of a blind man riding in a Google driverless car:

Many see driverless cars as a solution to a problem we don’t have, but in fact for many this would be an extremely liberating technological advance.

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How we get to computer driven cars
Adam Ozimek
Sun, 01 Apr 2012 23:05:42 GMT


2 responses to “How we get to computer driven cars

  1. The question around the computerized vehicle is not if, but when. Of course I also wonder if I will see it. Nonetheless, good stuff to consider.

  2. I think it will come in as little as 10 years, and not more than 20. I think I have a pretty good chance of seeing it happen.

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