Firstest or maybe Secondest with the Mostest is Bestest, or Even if you try harder: # 3 through N are Screwed

This quote seemed appropriate, but given that its pretty colloquial I wanted make sure I’d spelled firstest (or misspelled) it correctly.  That’s an interesting story in itself, so see this.

This little post came from my thinking about Google+.  I ‘ve tried the service, and find it has some nice features.  One of which is just its from Google, a well known name with other useful services to call upon.

Irrespective of that, is it getting any traction in the market?  This is a quote from Larry Page CEO of Google:

Over 60 percent of Google+ users use Google products on a daily basis. Over 80 percent of Google+ users use Google products every week.

This wouldn’t make me feel good as a Google shareholder.  It seems to me to answer the wrong question.  Namely it tells me how Google plus may be getting more folks to try Gmail, or Picasa.  But isn’t the bigger question will Google+ cut into Facebooks tasty piece of the market?  People are already using Google services like Gmail in large numbers; they aren’t using Google+ in large numbers.  Even if Google+ is adding to use of Google+ other services, there nothing Page’s quote to suggest this is a large effect.

Google in entering Facebooks market may be facing factors related to early (though not always the first mover advantage).  Folks go to social networking because others they know are there.  Once those networks are in place, its going to be hard to break in with a me too service later.  My most important contacts are on Facebook and I can’t see getting them to move to Google+ for a marginal advantage (if there even is one). 

Facebook at times has seemed to have some teething problems that could prove fatal, especially related to privacy, but I think they are being dealt with through introduction of more controls over what you share with who.  Early issues with social networking eventually killed the once so hot myspace site.

I observe that Facebook users seem to be getting pretty familiar with how to use controls on who they share with.  Two years ago, you saw all kinds of posts from Facebook friends that you really didn’t know well, at least not anymore.  None Facebook users would generally snort at the point of having numerous friends you’d never actually met.  I think people have developed lists and controls and limit sharing mostly to people they have none virtual relations with.  Facebook has gained an advantage from being an early (but not first) entrant into the social networking market, one that even Google can’t overcome.

Given that Google+ is really about the 4th major foray into social networking after:  Myspace, Facebook, Buzz (Google’s ill fated first attempt at social networking); it’s too late.  Had Google been second into the social networking market in say 2004 after Myspace started implode due to problems inherent to social networks, they might dominate it today by having dealt with issues such as controlling who you share what with.  Google foray into social networking may just be an expensive diversion from Google’s core businesses.  So though its could be said that number 2 tries harder, best advice to number 4 is to not show up at all.

2 responses to “Firstest or maybe Secondest with the Mostest is Bestest, or Even if you try harder: # 3 through N are Screwed

  1. There’s a joke going around (which I can’t remember) – but it’s got an elderly guy trying to sound contemporary and saying he uses “Myface” . Love that.

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