Whatever Works

(Perhaps I’ll be too harsh here – today’s parents may think so . . .)

Among my many weaknesses is a tendency to read the awful sob sister columns in the newspaper. I like to think it signals an eclectic nature. I am perfectly happy in a single day to go from that sob sister stuff in my morning paper to a few hours at the movies loving the latest action hero movie to a few hours with a dense history of the American Revolutionary period. I like the silly and the serious.

So, on to the idiot sighting: in one of today’s ‘advice’ columns, a mother writes in to say she’s in ‘absolute shock’ and has lost a lifelong friendship after her babysitter (17-year-old daughter of the now-former friend) took her 9 and 11-year-old children IN A CAR to the ice cream parlor . This was – qeulle horror! –  unscheduled and…

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