Ron Paul speaks the truth, and hopefully the other candidates mostly are lying

If only he didn’t seem like such a voice crying in the wilderness.  This is from 2008, and wasn’t popular with many Republicans.  But the fact that something is uncomfortable to hear or not popular doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

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As for most other Republican candidates?  The only way I could be comfortable with them  is if I think they (wink) don’t really mean what they say.  That they nonetheless grasp the truth of Paul is the only one willing to say.

Most seem to be suggesting that they are not hesitant to commit troops to war on Iran, perhaps within a year of finally getting out or Iraq, after 9 years.  Even when the rational being suggested to go to war again sound much like those of 9 years ago that proved so bogus.  My only hope is this mostly talk.

At its best talk to not encourage a foe to assume we are weak.  At its worst talk for political reasons.


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