Salt: Acting into a Motivational Muddle

I watched Salt.  If you haven’t seen it you might go here for a summary and background information.

The film has great action and a great story to lead you to wonder who the main characters are and what they may do next.  While in any of the action sequences you’ll be engrossed.

My issue is that I early on couldn’t figure out why the characters were doing what they were doing.  A defector is questions by the CIA, and fingers his questioner as a mole.  Then he violently escapes.  Why would you come with a story and then immediately destroy your credibility by killing agents of the CIA, you’re trying to influence?

Furthermore the fingered agent actually then appears to be a mole, and the defector is her controller.  Why would the controller put the mole at risk by fingering her?  Is that the only way he could activate her?

Finally, the mole in the end seems to be not really a mole but is attempting to foil the plot she’s part of.  Why is not clear.  Then she kills another CIA mole.  Wouldn’t you want the real mole alive to question?

This move has great action, but the motivations seem unclear, and the more you think about the more this troubles you.


One response to “Salt: Acting into a Motivational Muddle

  1. Did you watch some of the different versions of the film. The director’s version (where she shoots her former husband) is more powerful but more disturbing. Though frankly, I can’t be troubled by a movie like that. It’s just entertainment, like James Bond films, I don’t try to think too much about the motivation and plot! Your questions are valid though…

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