Saturday Republican Debate

I thought Perry was really blatant in playing the answer the question you know the answer to, not what was asked. Poor Huntsman barely got to chime in.

Paul on foreign policy is the only one really making any sense in my view. The rest mostly have learned nothing from the experience since 9/11 other than to appeal to the prejudices of GOP primary voters. I’m feeling more like voting for Obama.

I know I sound too idealistic, but I don’t think we can make our policy one of going to war against Iran, and who knows who else to try to keep us much of a nuclear monopoly for ourselves as possible. Such a policy of endless war was basically what almost everyone on that stage except for Ron Paul was advocating.

What the world needs is to limit these weapons globally. I have no idea how to make that happen practically, but I think endless war to keep the bomb only in hands we think of as friendly just can’t be viable forever, nor do I think we have the right to do it even if we could.

It also amazed me that Cain and other castigate President Obama for supporting the Arab Spring, but denigrate him for not being supportive enough of anti-government forces in Iran.  How obvious do we have to be that we don’t give a damn about people in the Arab world:  we just want to support whoever we think will support our expedient and immediate interests.  I think you can do well by doing good, and I think the US historically has done that. There was none of that contemplated on that stage, just pure arrogent willingness to use blunt power to promote our own interests over those of other nations that we often hold in little more than contempt.


2 responses to “Saturday Republican Debate

  1. For once the Democrat seems to have the national security and foreign policy edge. Partially this is because Obama has done well, but partially is because you have a GOP mentality that forgets how bad President Bush and the Republicans were burned by the Iraq war. True, the nominee will speak more diplomatically when the primary season is over, but the world is a complex place and US military power has real limits.

  2. As one who will be be voting in the Ohio Republican Primary, YIKES!

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