Turning the Dialogue From Wealth to Values – NYTimes.com

Turning the Dialogue From Wealth to Values – NYTimes.com.

2 responses to “Turning the Dialogue From Wealth to Values – NYTimes.com

  1. Interesting. My own view is that it is good for there to be inequalities if those reflect hard work, initiative and discipline. My heart is with OWS because I do not believe that to be the case. However, I do not agree with any program that wants to simply re-distribute weath to make it “more fair.” I think what we have to do is stopped the system that has made it very difficult hard working middle class folk to make it, and has created the largest gaps of wealth in our society since the 1890s. But it should be about values; materialism is not a good value system.

  2. All I know for sure is my own experience.
    This is part of it:
    Private and government employers I’ve worked for are both corrupt. Nepotism and cronyism are absolutely the norm. Most of those who work hard, go the extra mile, and try to do the next right thing are treated like door-mats. If you’re somebody’s nephew and/or a scheming lying rascal, you will get promoted. If you’re the janitor or the metal shear operator, and you work hard and are honest and diligent, you will never be promoted (management knows the shear operator is the most important guy).

    In the jobs I’ve had, I’ve witnessed an appalling amount of corruption and abuse of ill-begotten power.

    If I point out these abuses at work, I endanger my job.
    If I continue to do a good job, I’ll never be promoted.

    I don’t know how any honest, hard working person can avoid being bitter.
    Pass the rose-colored eye glasses please.

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