Watson will mine … blogs?!?!


No doubt computers can help in the diagnosis and treatment of health conditions. You remember Watson, the imperfect  yet Jeopardy-dominating computer, right? Well, it is being retooled for a job in health care. In an interview about just that, Dr. Herbert Chase, a consultant to the Watson project, had this to say:

Patients have an incredible amount of experience with treatments and feedback on their usefulness and side effects, and they share these with each other on blogs. Watson will be able to cull that in the future. The web is filled with data from all these “informal experiments” that will never be the subject for randomized controlled trials, but are useful data nonetheless.


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Software picked, likely related articles at The Incidental Economist:

Watson will mine … blogs?!?!
Austin Frakt
Thu, 10 Nov 2011 11:30:00 GMT


One response to “Watson will mine … blogs?!?!

  1. I hope the hell that Pfizer isn’t reprogramming the damned thing.
    I can’t afford my meds now!

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