Enjoy Shared items while you can

I just pushed Google reader again a few posts below.  One thing I like is sharing items from reader (that allows me to kinda’ follow over 100 blogs) is sharing items I like, much more than I post on.  This has been in the middle of my blog on the left for some time.  I ‘m not sure if anyone ever sees it, as I’ve never had a comment related to them.  Unfortunately, I understand that Google may be taking this ability (to share items from reader) away.  So play it up while I can, I’ve moved the share items to the top left to see if folks notice them more.  I hope some one enjoys them.

One response to “Enjoy Shared items while you can

  1. Ah ha …. Thanks for the move. Interesting and something for me to consider as well as more stuff to ponder.

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