Was Marx Right?

Umair Haque

via Was Marx Right?.


One response to “Was Marx Right?

  1. When I teach about the background of Marxism, I note that while like any 19th Century social scientist he got a lot wrong (most notably predicting communism would arise and could work), he’s considered one of the greats for some good academic work. Part of it is his description of how capitalism operates, particularly during his era, was very insightful (and helped considerably by his businessman friend Friedrich Engels). He also really explored using structure as a social science concept, and brought a kind of scientific realism into social science. He was in some ways the first real analyst of political economy. The error by Marxists is that they forgot their “lead thinker” was a fallible human doing very early social science. They treated his work almost like sacred and turned it into an “ism.” But if you forget about what was done in his name and look at his analysis, a lot still stands out as especially impressive for his era, someone who lead the charge to create a more rigorous and analytical form of social science. As a man, he’d have been horrified by what communism ultimately looked like and certainly would have fought against it.

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