Climate Change

I’m less than fully convinced we should pour massive spending or additional regulation because of concern about this issue.  Yet, I do think its getting warmer.  Furthermore the attitudes on this issue held by Rick Perry is very disturbing.

Seeing believing.  The best evidence for the reality of warming is what has happened to glaciers, that are in retreat in many areas.  Note how buildings in high latitudes are collapsing due to melting permafrost.

Even if climate change is happening the response is not so clear.  Not all effects of climate change will be bad.  Furthermore, a lot of responses such as by local governments, or even individuals will likely be the most appropriate response.  We may even be able to act to mitigate the warming by policies such increasing SO2 in the upper atmosphere.

All this said, what seems to be the main reason cited of late for rejecting policies like Kyote seems nuts.  The reason Republicans cite, including Rick Perry?  That scientist have conflict of interest in by and large supporting global warming.  This isn’t a rejection of global warming.  It’s a rejection of science across the board.

A lot liberals could be accused of group think on this issue.  They support because other liberals do.  But a rejection of science is more disturbing.


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