Too Much Blame to go Around

No one has distinguised themselves in the debt limit fight.  Let comment one by one.

President Obama – He’s failed on at least two counts.

First, he should have done something with the debt commission results he received at the start of the year.   As a liberal Democrat, I think he had more credibility to address entitlements than any Republican.  Like Nixon opened up China he could have taken steps that moved us well ahead in dealing the debt.  Did he?  No, he walked away from his opportunity.

Second, He’ negotiated so badly that he’s asked the Republicans to keep upping their demand.  If Obama had any backbone, I think the Republicans would decide they had a deal as good as they can get, AND SHOULD TAKE IT.

House Republicans – They seem to have showed themselves to be more dangerous than we could have imagined.

First, they don’t seem to understand the risk they’re putting the entire country at.  Many seem to take talk radio as their expertise.

Second, their leadership it now seems clear don’t really speak for them.  Boehner can’t seem to deliver the Republican votes.  Obama I think has contributed to this.

Third, they’re in politics but don’t seem to know what Politics is.  Politics is finding ways to accommodate different points of view.  It recognizes diversity of opinion as a reality, whether you like it or not.  The house Republicans do not understand and are making it impossible for the US government to function.

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