Where are the Adults?

Well the deadline for the debt ceiling increase looms.  It seems to me that nobody is being an adult.  Namely no one is asking for a broadly share sacrifice to get our house in order.

Revenues are a problem especially.  The President and his allies are only willing to entertain taxes for the deficit aimed at “the Rich”.  This seems irresponsible in that it seems more interested in shifting a larger share of the cost government to the well off.  The issue is a need for redistribution, thought much of the President constituency wants that.

The Republicans seem even worse.  They are unwilling entertain any increase revenues even though it is impossible to see how to close the fiscal gap on the spending side alone.  Especially if you claim with a straight face you don’t want to wipe out the middle class.  Republicans sound like they think federal spending goes to the moon rather than real Americans.

Everyone wants throw someone else under the bus that their constituents don’t identify with.  The Democrats choose faceless millionaires, and billionaires.  The Republicans choose equally faceless welfare queen illegal immigrants, not recalling that welfare reform was done 15 years ago.

It seems to me that something like the Simpson plan with real increases in revenues and major spending cuts affecting almost all of us is what is needed.  This would require real leadership to call for sacrifice for the good of all in time.  After all one reason our response to this recession has been so lacking is that were in poor fiscal condition to do so thinks to Bush’s poor management of the budget over much of the last decade.


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