Biggs Junction Wind Farm

5 responses to “Biggs Junction Wind Farm

  1. Off-topic, forgive me..!

    But I’m trying to find some kind of index for shortselling of US bonds.. Or maybe “futures” or “puts” are better technical terms. You know any resources on this? Google is of little help, and I don’t know these things very well. But I’m not comfortable with things at the moment – and would like to find some kind of indication about the bigger movement of speculative money – betting on failure.

    Maybe other things are helpful in this regard? The portfolio of GS? (probably not very transparent..). Thanks for any help or tips!

    • I don’t have a great answer off the bat. Maybe this weekend. Are you moving your fortune over seas? The main solace is that I don’t think that many countries have solid finances right now.

  2. Oh, nothing of that sort. And don’t stress it – it was more of a whim, really. Maybe trying to mentally prepare before something like ’08 happens again. Spotting some early warnings, perhaps.

    I did found one article about how to short bonds though – including a paragraph about ethical implications of betting against your country, possibly contributing to panic. Or put another way, possibly contributing to a successful short.

    Those instruments ain’t right..

  3. Maybe this is indicating something? Gold up 5-fold in a decade?

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