Partisan animal spirits


If Republican-leaning business owners aren’t hiring or expanding for objectively idiotic ideological or self-interested reasons, it remains that they aren’t hiring or expanding. In that case, the partisan idiocy of America’s conservative business class is hurting the economy, not Mr Obama’s policies. But it might remain that, holding policy constant, we’d be better off economically with a Republican president. There’s a maddeningly unfair "heads I win, tails you lose" quality to this possibility, but it seems to me a real one and well worth considering.

Partisan animal spirits
Fri, 03 Jun 2011 13:20:27 GMT

I think this is more than likely true, but I’ve also developed a certain fatigue with the idea that we have to accommodate conservative business, or otherwise they’ll take the job machine and go home.  Doesn’t it feel like blackmail in a way.


One response to “Partisan animal spirits

  1. That’s an interesting viewpoint. I would disagree with the statement because not all businesses are run by conservatives and for conservatives to make an ideological stand would place their business at risk. For example, say there are two competing companies. One is run by a conservative and one is run by a liberal. The liberal company is expanding operations. Do you really think the conservative company is going to just sit back and lose market share over ideology?

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