Teachers Salaries World Wide


I’m sure the devil is in the details, as usual, but aggregate statistics like this are always good background to any debate. Thanks to KD Kelly for the link!


Teachers Salaries World Wide
Tue, 19 Apr 2011 19:42:00 GMT

4 responses to “Teachers Salaries World Wide

  1. I zoomed way in and still couldn’t quite read the chart.
    That’s okay. There’s something else I wanted to say.
    Sorry for topic straying…..
    Disclaimer: I know very little about economic theory, or other systems around the world.
    What I want to say: While browsing your blog, it occurred to me a disturbing thought about our own system, Capitalism. That thought is, that the ultimate goal of a capitalistic system would be ONE GIANT corporation. Right????
    I mean, if I incorporate, my goal is to capture markets, crush competition, take the profits and diversify…..repeat process, until your corporation makes or sells everything. Right?
    I know that’s not a realistic view, but at the extreme, wouldn’t that be the ultimate vision of capitalism????

    Doesn’t at all sound like an Ayn Rand book after all, hmmmm……
    I’ll hafta’ ponder on this.

    • I’d agree that would be the capitalists dream: to create a monopoly.

      However, I’d argue that any good capitalist system doesn’t usually end here because other capitalists have an incentive to always out compete and get a piece of the monopolist’s action. If that doesn’t work then that’s what anti-trust laws are for.

  2. renaissanceguy

    As a teacher I question some of the numbers on the graphs. I would guess that some of the data are gathered from school districts and education departments and are not entirely reliable.

  3. RG, which ones seem out of line to you? It looks pretty much as I would expect – no surprises. If anything, the US does a little better than I’d expected. I know the data on Germany is right, and given that Luxembourg is the richest country in the world that seems right.

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