Mythbusters 4-20-2011

This episode featured attempting to run on water, what can shield you from a blast.

The A myth (Jamie and Adam’s) was running on water.  All attempts to do this failed, not surprisingly, though the YouTube video was replicated (its faked).

The idea was if one could run on water, at least for a few steps.  Even an Olympic athlete couldn’t do this, though a small lizard and many insects can.  Greater weight makes its impossible.

I did wonder if approached the water more like a long jumper possible you could manage to push of the water.  I doubt it, but I wonder.

It turns out that crouching behind a car or wall does offer quite a bit of protection from a blast.  This is a phenomenon on fluid dynamics.  The one thing I would have like to have seen tested was if being in the car is more protection than being behind it.  I’m pretty sure the answer would be yes if the windows were rolled up and absorbed even more of the pressure wave.


2 responses to “Mythbusters 4-20-2011

  1. renaissanceguy

    I’m not sure if the running on water myth was based on the miracle in the Bible, but if it was, it misses the point. The time that Jesus and Peter walked on water, it was said to be a miracle–an event that was done by supernatural power. The story does not say that people routinely walk on water or that they naturally can do so.

  2. Except perhaps in winter. (Now I have the Billy Joel song ‘Running on Ice’ in my mind.)

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