President Nixon began the process of disengagement from Vietnam (that continued for years) by supposedly substituting South Vietnamese troop for US troops.  I think that Vietnamization is happening in Libya, but in a different way.

U.S. Predators Carry Out Two Strikes in Libya



U.S. Predator drones struck their first targets in Libya over the weekend, military officials said.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization said a Predator strike hit a multiple-rocket launcher near the Libyan city Misrata at 11:00 GMT on Saturday, or 7:00 a.m. Eastern time. The NATO announcement said multiple rocket-launcher systems have been used to attack civilians in Misrata.

Capt. Darryn James, a Pentagon spokesman, disclosed the strike on Saturday but provided few details. NATO said Sunday that a second strike took place at 8:40 p.m. GMT Saturday.

Although the U.S. had said it would step back from an offensive role in the Libya mission, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Thursday the U.S. would provide two unmanned Predator drones around the clock to strike targets.

U.S. Predators Carry Out Two Strikes in Libya – WSJ.pdf

This is feeling more and more like Vietnam to me.  I strongly object to the war in Iraq, though I supported it for a long time.  That said, at least we could see we were jumping into a major military action from the start.  I think most didn’t realize how long and difficult a conflict it would be and the rational for it provided to be bogus to a large degree.

Libya is evolving more like Vietnam.  We’re that frog being slowly brought to a boil in a a slowly but inexorably escalating war.  This was supposed to be a matter of weeks.  Well its been weeks already, and now were providing drone strikes.  When do we send in advisors??  That’s like just a matter time I fear.  The conflict is being ratched up to dull opposition to it.

Vietnam gradually escalated over about a five year period.  At first it was advisors, then more and more troops, more bombing, incursions into Cambodia and secretly into Laos.  I think many of the intention even in that terribel war were good, but I don’t think much of a case can be made now with the benefits of long hindsight that that war was wise.  I fear Libya is following that model.


2 responses to “libya–Vietnamization

  1. Troops in Libya would be a bad idea. However, Ho Chi Minh was at least admired by his people. I don’t think Gaddafi has that level of respect and loyalty.

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