I am a nut about this show. It makes my week and I have trouble getting by the periods when there are no new episodes to watch. I hope to make a weekly comment on new episodes on my blogs henceforth.

2 days ago was a test of blueice and a Bourne movie myth.

Blueice tested if the lavatory on a plane could be dumped by the pilot resulting in frozen “waste” falling to the ground with destructive results.  The story was partially confirmed.

It turns out pilots have no option to dump the waste.  However if water in lavatory holding tank slowly leaks it can freeze on the outside of the plane, and break loose as the plane descends (confirmed in a NASA test chamber).  Ice dropped from altitude could stick together and impact the ground with great forces.  This was confirmed by dropping ice from a plane.

So what are the unanswered question, or issues:

1. Even though lavatories aren’t dumped by choice today, I wonder if that’s always been true.  I suspect 30-40 years we might not have been so fastidious with lavatory waste. 

2. The formation of ice seemed very confirmed, and I think perhaps the ice could have formed behind the door to the waste hose, making perhaps even harder ice.

3. The ice that was dropped did not appear to be as slushy as what was formed in the NASA test.  I’m not sure that’s confirmed.

The other myth tested using methane ignited with a toaster as a IED.

The only thing I might have wanted to see was happened if the gas concentration exceeds the 9% optimum.

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