Most Livable Cities


The Economist magazine recently came out with its 2011 ranking of the World’s most `livable cities’. Not a single US city makes the top 10. Calgary in Canada is number five, Helsinki is number 6 etc. What is surprising is the approach adopted by the writers at the Economist. Identify a list of appealing attributes, rate the cities on each of them and then aggregate the ratings. Very Soviet. Why not ask people where they would rather live? I would be surprised if Calgary made it to the top ten. Now that I think about it, I wish the Economist would put nose to grindstone and do something really useful. Estimate the economic inefficiency caused by the fact that most people are forced to work in the countries of their birth. The magazine is keen on free trade in oranges and cotton, why not people? Open borders, full mobility. Hmmm, when next Mr. Obama meets the Indian PM, instead of complaining about outsourcing stealing American jobs, he should be pressing the Indian government to allow American’s to follow those jobs to India. In addition he should be railing against the impediments the government of India places on the outsourcing of higher education to the US. Why stop with India? Why not…………

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Most Livable Cities
Thu, 24 Feb 2011 19:33:43 GMT


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