Onion news is too real, and loudmouths in many languages sound the same.

The Onion has nailed cable news, especially fox.

Morbid Curiosity Leading Many Voters To Support Palin

Also you find the same thing in other countries, such as Pakistan.  See this.

I found it sad that this is making the rounds to prove that Muslims are particularly intolerant but I think you’ll find authoritarian prudes in Christianity too.  If indeed this woman is seeking asylum because of this, that is a more scary face of Islam than conservative Christians.

4 responses to “Onion news is too real, and loudmouths in many languages sound the same.

  1. “No need to get so emotional”… that’s a nice one…

  2. Did you notice the way they mix english and their native tongue??? Except for the language this easily could have been on Fox.

    • I did! Not just single words like “show” and “interaction”, but larger parts of sentences. Never knew that.

      But it also shows that they have a lively debate over dominions like religion and individual rights. And I’m a bit surprised they’d air that kind of independent defiance in public.

  3. The Palin choose your own adventure book reference in the Onion News Network segment was priceless. 😉

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