Bainbridge: I honestly don’t understand Obama’s Libya policy

via I honestly don’t understand Obama’s Libya policy.

He says:

I honestly don’t get it. Obama starts an undeclared war without Congressional approval, spends a few hundred million dollars, because Qaddafi was about to smash the rebels outside of Benghazi. Then after a couple of weeks, he has the US effectively pull its fighters and bombers out of the war, turning tail and running. With the US out of the picture, Qaddafi is again smashing the rebels. So how is all this helping?

Meanwhile, there’s a bloody civil war going on in the Ivory Coast, violent repression of protests in Syria, Yemen trembling on the brink of something bad, and the US does nothing.

Whatever happened to the Powell doctrine? If we’re going to make war on Qadaffi, do it right, kill him, take out his senior staff, and get out. Otherwise, stay out. This sort of half-hearted nonsense, however, seems the worst of all worlds.

I think the hope was that we could leverage a small role for US forces to prime the pump for Europe or others to do the heavy lifting, that would lead to a negotiated end the Qadaffi government.  So far though its not clear that is happening.

One response to “Bainbridge: I honestly don’t understand Obama’s Libya policy

  1. Anyone with military experience saw this coming. The Pentagon likely advised the President against this action. Yet he went through with it anyone. Unbelievable.

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